NGWAN CORP believes that our culture is a strategic asset enabling our success. We express our culture through our values and vital behaviors. We believe in a culture of candor, collaboration, professionalism and complete accountability to get it done. By instilling this in NGWANG CORP employees, we ensure that we are able to deliver on our strategy, and ultimately on our vision and mission.
At NGWANG CORP, we want you to walk with us on a journey which started in 2017. We are committed to lead in innovating the civil engineering sector through this, make our clients’ lives a whole lot brighter. We don’t want you just to work for our company; we want you to make this journey as part of your life too. Are you passionate about Civil Engineering? Do you strongly desire to add value to people’s lives in a fast paced, inspiring, innovative and rewarding work environment? If your answer is positive, then NGWANG CORP is the place where you should work!
Through its Internship Policy, NGWANG CORP allow students to gain practical work experience and develop skills in the areas of their career interests under the guidance of experts or those working in the field. Our Internships policy is focusing on graduate students or anyone who has had prior experience working in fields related directly to their career or the Company’s interests. During all his/her internship period at NGWANG CORP, the Intern has the opportunity to learn about our activities, our vision and mission, our culture and values so as to deeply understand how NGWANG CORP operates. His/her Active contribution to activities and results of his/her research, conducted under the guidance of a Mentor, benefits both to him and to the Company