We are sometimes asked why appoint a consultant?
In answer to this question, we will ask you a few questions?

  •  How do you determine the scope of work to be.
  •  What are the required specifications to carry out certain jobs?
  •  Are you taking proper measurements?
  •  Have you awarded the work to the proper person at a reasonable cost?
  •  What is Polymer plaster? On which part of the structure is it to be carried out?
  •  How much Polymer is to be used?
  •  Which Polymer is to be used?
  •  What and when is Epoxy to be used?
  •  What is jacketing? Is there any alternative for it?
  •  When should one ideally start curing (watering) a completed job?
  •  What should one do if you have insufficient water for curing?

And lots of more questions. And even after the work is over there is some leakage /seepage problem later on how to rectify it. Many of the society members may be very well qualified in their fields, but do you have a Civil Engg. Amongst you who are well versed in civil repairs and maintenance and are to take the responsibility of the work from start to end. If your answer to most of this question is no then appoint a consultant before going for repairs. Of course, then there is one more question of why should we appoint a consultant and pay consulting fees. Your building cannot be repaired again and again. But getting technical help will ensure that the work you do will last you for years and years

Ngwang Corp will save you at least twice what you pay as consulting fees in terms of:

  • Technical Service
  • Technical knowledge c) Saving Time.
  • Long-lasting and satisfactory jobs.
  • Curtailing of unnecessary work.
  • Proper utilization of society’s funds If given an opportunity we would like to have an interactive session with society office bearers.

We ensure your peace of mind by conducting hassle-free work.

Leave all your worries to us as we make your structures durable.
We Make your Structures Sound