Design & Cnstruction

Design & Construction

New technical demands, various climate, and social conditions, historical, cultural, and architectural heritage are challenges that are inspiring and motivating our designers and constructors.

Our teams of architects and civil engineers at Ngwang Corp offer the best solutions, contemporary design, and implementation of modern building materials for various types of buildings – private family villas, apartment, and administrative buildings in Nigeria, and other African and worldwide countries.

Our prerogative at Ngwang Corp is to provide our clients with a modern, useful, comfortable, and recognizable space, implementing our professional experience and know-how in design and construction, using the latest construction technologies and building materials.

We can meet all required needs for HV and LV supply systems, HV and LV equipment, power installations, lighting and lightning, transportation systems (elevators, escalators). Communication and information systems, security systems, voting, simultaneous interpreting, conference, and other special purposes systems are also among our fields of expertise. Control and management systems: BMS, EMCS (electrical monitoring and control systems), HVAC systems, fire-protection systems, water treatments, indoor and outdoor water supply, sewage, drainage and irrigation systems, medical and industrial gas piping systems, etc.