We are a leading equipment rental service company in Cameroon, with the capability of providing equipment rental-related solutions and value-added services to our customers.

We focus on construction, E&M engineering and Event and Entertainment equipment, which include power and energy equipment, high-reach equipment and material handling equipment.

We believe our principal strength is our solution capability to satisfy customers’ different equipment needs. For example, we provide equipment planning consultation; offer a wide range of equipment for rent; procure equipment from different suppliers for sale to customers who wish to purchase equipment, provide on-site services such as equipment installation, operation, refueling, and maintenance, disassembling, technical support, transportation services, and supply spare parts; provide sales channels for customers who wish to dispose of their used equipment. With our extensive experience and technical expertise, we are able to provide a range of equipment planning and execution services including job planning and advice on selection and utilization of equipment, with an aim to achieve higher efficiency, save cost and reduce environmental impact.


Our equipment rental-related solution provision capability, strong and well-maintained equipment fleet, operating and technical service support and well-established relationship with major suppliers, and wide customer base provide us with a solid platform for our future expansion and long-term growth.